Our Pilots

Peak UAV Drone Services

Sheldon Bucher, 39 years old
Owner, Part 107 Pilot
Radio Control Enthusiast
AMA Member
Ham Radio Operator

I’ve been flying radio control aircraft since 2004. I became interested in drones and aerial photography in 2010.

This passion has led to my friend and I starting this incredible business.

Flying radio control aircraft is my life! When I’m not filming for you, I can be found at the field drone racing or just enjoying some relaxing flights.

Reid Bishop, 59 years old
Partner, Part 107 Pilot
Radio Control Enthusiast and AMA Member
Network Systems Engineer
Ham Radio Operator

I’ve been flying radio control aircraft since 1982, and have always had an immense love of aviation and photography. I started flying pattern competition for several years, then migrated to single rotor helicopters.

When FPV (First Person View) came on the scene, I realized my dream would be perfect with the true immersive experience of drones and cinematography.

Flying aerial platforms is a labor of love, and there isn’t a day I don’t think about the endless possiblities our company can bring to our customers.

Our Equipment

Inspire 1 Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

Here is a quick rundown on our equipment:

  • Multiple DJI Mavic / DJI OSMO
  • Multiple Multi Purpose Drones and Fixed Wing Aircraft

Our equipment has the latest stabilization gimbal (Zenmuse X5) allowing us to take spectacular video even under adverse conditions.

And when the job requires multiple drones, we have the depth of equipment and operators to fully meet your needs.

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