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Peak UAV Drone Services provides a wide range of high quality drone-based video production services and spectacular aerial photography for the Greater Colorado Springs area.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience flying radio controlled aircraft, we are your “go to” drone service providers.

The drone industry is a new and exciting field that provides video services for all types of clients. With our drones, we can provide the ultimate promotional footage for your marketing campaign, or manage your local event by helping to provide safety for attendees.

The possibilities are endless in this new and growing industry, and we encourage you to contact us for a quote.

We will review all job requests, and if we can provide a safe flight in a safe environment, we will get the job done!

Here’s a promotional video we filmed for Porsche’s Customer Appreciation Day:

Peak UAV Drone Services

Hi, Sheldon Bucher here, owner of Peak UAV Drone Services.

At Peak UAV, we take great pride in our professional drone-based aerial videography and photography.

Our clients love our work and we love making our clients look terrific!

Call us at 719-659-2291 and see how we can help you.

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Video Production Services

We’re here to tell your story and impress your clients with breathtaking views from above!

With our drones and equipment, we can film from angles that take your video production to the next level! We are your source for a birds eye view!

Cost Effective Low Altitude Cinematography

Corporate-Level Video Productions for Small Business

Real Estate Videos

Single and Dual Pilot Camera Operations

UHD 4K video

Contact us so we can discuss your next project. Our team is looking forward to taking you to new heights!

Here’s a fun promotional video we filmed showing the excitement over at Pikes Peak Ziplines:

Law Enforcement & Event Management

Drone technology is constantly evolving and has proven to be a valuable asset in surveillance.

We are able to provide a live aerial video stream that is priceless when it comes to things as simple as crowd control all the way up to complex security breaches!

Aerial surveillance can be used at events to provide useful information and/or services:

Survey number of attendees

Monitor and maintain safe entrances/exits and surrounding areas

Keep entrance lines at an acceptable length/wait time

Provide photography and video services

Peak UAV has worked with Colorado Law Enforcement and local communities to assist in providing safe events for everyone involved.

Let Peak UAV help you to professionally manage your next event!

Here’s a video showing how Peak UAV surveilled a community celebration assisting local police in event management.

Drone Inspection & Drone Mapping

Drones/UAV’s are the perfect tool for inspections and mapping.

Why send people into high risk environments for the same results?

It is far safer, easier, and cost effective to capture high resolution images via drone than sending in expensive manpower.

Drones more efficiently meet the needs of surveyors, insurance adjusters, and contractors.

From a simple inspection picture of shingles blown off a roof for your insurance company…

Peak UAV drone inspection service discovers roof issues

…to drone mapping a plot of land for your next building project…Peak UAV Drone Services is your ‘go-to’ drone inspection and drone mapping company.

Peak UAV performs drone mapping service

Aerial Photography

Drones capture angles in aerial photography that you just can’t replicate on the ground.

Every event looks better from above with Peak UAV’s drone photography service.

Crystal clear 4000k resolution from unlimited angles and distance.

No matter whether you are rafting, racing cars, capturing corporate events, or photographing your business…

Peak UAV Drone Photography Services will get the perfect shot every time!

Peak UAV drone photography services captures folks rafting on the Arkansas River
Peak UAV drone photography of Porsches at Customer Appreciation Day
Peak UAV drone photography of Pikes Peak International Raceway
Peak UAV drone photography of Eurocars Preowned and PCS Motorsports

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